Sunday, March 05, 2006

hoops la-la

Isaac Mizrahi returns to the red carpet tonight. He managed to overshadow Ryan Seacrest, Joan Rivers and all the others at the Golden Globes by asking actresses about their underwear instead of their gowns. I heard a theory that he was just trying to establish a TV career for himself. Maybe he's tired of selling his appropriately named Queen Fitted Sheets at Target.

Today promises to be a busy day. My friend Bean landed in Nashville last night and will arrive in Knoxville shortly. We plan to do some sightseeing and still get home in time to watch Mizrahi and some of the others like Sam Rubin, Roger Ebert and even Joan Rivers before the actual Oscars. (I don't care what Martin Short says, I'm convinced that Jiminy Glick is partly based on Sam Rubin.) If there's a dull moment, I will be tempted to flip between all the red carpet shows and the basketball game on ESPNU.

Earlier in the week I had programmed the upstairs TiVo to record tonight's CAA tournament semifinal game in the hope that the George Mason Patriots would win last night. They did, so I'm going to go ahead and program the TiVo to record tomorrow night's game in the hope that they win again tonight against a team that whupped 'em ten days ago.
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