Sunday, March 19, 2006

maybe next year

Losing 48 pounds (so far) has gotten in the way of my marshmallow addiction. I almost missed noticing that red Marshmallow Peeps are being sold exclusively at Target. As you can see, the red and yellow Peeps are selling much faster than the blue and purple ones. I surprised myself by resisting the urge to buy any. What colors would be sold exclusively at other stores? Orange Peeps could be sold at every store in East Tennessee. A few years ago, they made orange Peeps and brought some along with the Peeps Fun Bus to an Einstein Simplified show. Yes, I'm the one who got them to add an extra stop to their schedule.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

no Frank!! you can have some peeps!!- they only come out once a year and with all the effort you have put into losing weight I think you deserve to reward yourself!
just dont over-do -it!
Love listening to you in the mornings!
thanks for making my morning drive better!!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

There's a decent chance I will have reached my weight loss goal and that I will be in "stabilization" mode by then. I will eat a Peep on Easter Sunday. I just need to find out first whether it counts as one starch or two on my plan.


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