Wednesday, March 15, 2006

nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills...

Last night it was my turn to emcee the Einstein Simplified improv show. The show went well but I'm glad it won't be my turn again for six weeks or so. It's the emcee's job to host the show and to decide which improv games the other players will perform. I describe it as all set up and no punchline. Or you could say all foreplay and no happy ending. We had an unusually large turnout and almost every game got big laughs. I know it sounds a little paranoid but last night's success leaves me to wonder if the show was good because of my emcee skills or if the show was good because I wasn't performing in any of the scenes.

My wife came to the show and sat at a table with Jennifer, who is the sister of another group member. Jennifer told us that she is a big fan of "Survivor" and that she is now using a photo of Big Tom, Ethan, Jenna and me (which I had posted on Saturday) as her computer wallpaper. I offered to send her a different photo of just the three reality stars but she graciously declined.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job as MC, which really contributed to the success of the show. You know when to let a game continue, and when it has hit for maximum mileage. For example, ending Rewind after only two suggestions was perfect because nothing was going to top Spike! (By the way, I vote for Samoas as well.) You took control from the very beginning and kept a high energy pave throughout, even though there were very few fast paced games.

And no, I'm not Jere.

It also helped that Dave Finnell had his best show to date. His manic energy was harnessed and controlled, leading to some gut busting laughs, and you just may have found an Invader player to match Bill. Paul was great as always, and Dave Snow and Greg both hit a couple of home runs in several games.

I think the biggest thing was that for the first time in a long while, I got the feeling that there was a group on stage instead of 5 guys and a host. There were a few slow spots, but they acted as accents, highlighting the great bits.

Anonymous Jere said...

That obviously was not written by me....I am a Thin Mint person. Although, Frank did show me that Samoas are good, but my allergy to coconut makes them less desirable.

But I do agree. GOOD SHOW. Although, maybe the reason it was good was the fact that they did a game based on my birthday. I am the great emulsifier. HEEHEE.


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