Sunday, March 12, 2006

take a penny, leave a penny

While sightseeing with Bean on Monday, I stumbled across a Geocache. It was in plain sight near the information desk at One Vision Plaza. This was my first encounter with a Geocache of any kind, or so I thought. When I looked up this particular cache on the Internet, I discovered that I had been close to a hidden cache at the Alex Haley statue a day earlier.

Now that I know where to find my first cache, I may have to register at the Geocaching website and put something in the box at One Vision Plaza. My next trip there might be to buy something that would make a good wedding present. The gift shop had some nice drinking glasses with drawings of Patrick Sullivan's and other local buildings. It's a good thing the bride and groom don't read my blog or their surprise will be ruined. You'll have to keep the secret too.

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