Saturday, March 18, 2006

upset special

Yesterday afternoon, I had time to flip through the channels on the TV in my hotel room. On "Pardon The Interruption," Tony Kornheiser said there were not likely to be any upsets in the remaining first-round games of the NCAA tournament. He asked the guy next to him (no idea who it was other than that it wasn't Michael Wilbon) to agree but the guy predicted that the Skinn-less Patriots of George Mason would upset Michigan State. Maybe it was some St. Patrick's Day luck combined with their green and gold uniforms but 11th seeded GMU beat 6th seeded MSU by ten points last night! Winning without their best player could give the team a boost of confidence while at the same time giving Tony Skinn a lesson in humiltiy. I hope it works because the Patriots don't have much time to enjoy the at-large and in-charge feeling. They play 3rd seeded North Carolina at 2:20 p.m. tomorrow. Now I really wish I had brought a GMU alumni t-shirt with me on my trip.
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