Sunday, April 23, 2006

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The finale of "The Next Food Network Star" is on TV tonight. My wife and I spent some time this weekend catching up on the previous episodes. As we watched the first one, we noticed a contestant who looked vaguely familiar. His name is Guy Fieri, a chef from Santa Rosa, California. According to his bio, one of the restaurants he owns is Tex Wasabi's which serves two of my favorite foods under one roof, Southern BBQ and California style sushi. What a concept!

A few years ago, my wife and I spent one weekend in wine country but we didn't know about any of Guy's restaurants at the time. We ate dinner
with a group of radio people at an overpriced place called Pinot Blanc, wishing the whole time that we were next door at the A&W instead.

Guy has performed well on the show so far. He is one of the two remaining contestants in tonight's finale. Several bloggers have picked him to win including Foodie Obsessed, June Cho and Magnolia Mom. BBQ Forum has a podcast about him. I found one blogger named Little Judy who is rooting for Guy's opponent, Reggie Southerland.

I thought about it and remembered meeting Guy (or someone who looks exactly like him) at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue in 2004. He was with a camera crew, so naturally I approached him and asked about it. As I recall, he was shooting footage for a show called "BBQ King" that he hoped to sell to a network. I must have sensed his future stardom because I asked him to pose for a photo with me. After seeing him on Food Network, my wife joked that he may have found some of the weight I have lost. No offense, Guy.

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Blogger jess said...

I was surprised they picked Reggie as the last one. I really thought it would have been Clarissa, who always looks like she has been crying in her interviews (simply ditch the pink eyeshadow, simply french). My vote is for guy, though I missed out on the voting days, and will just cheer silently.
i agree with your wife, frank.. it's the cosmic karma weight loss theory (there is only so much weight in the universe, and somebody has to gain what you've lost).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank, Have you seen the cowboy cook-ff on the Food Network? It was awesome. All contestants cook everything under an open fire! Made me REALLY hungry just to watch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found this on tv squad. What do you mean you "think" you met him? Of course that's Guy. No other 40 year old trying to hang with the young crowd has the audacity to rock those douchebag highlights. It's too bad he has his own "TOTALLY-AWESOME-OFF-THA-HOOK-ROCK-YOUR-HOUSE" cooking show now.


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