Wednesday, April 19, 2006

hark, the cheesy lounge man sings

December may be eight months away but I'm already excited about the upcoming Christmas album from my friend Richard Cheese. You might recall that I'm a fan of cover songs and Christmas songs. Richard sent out a mass mailing asking for song suggestions:
If you'd like to recommend a neo-traditional Christmas song for us to put on the album (for example, Chingy's "Holidae In"), visit my website's Request-A-Song link, and if we use your suggestion, I'll send you an email with a smiley-face in it! :-) But don't request "Deck The Halls" or "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," you idiot. We want to hear about some contemporary "holiday" songs by Slayer, Snoop, or Soundgarden! "Holiday In Cambodia"? Yes. "Ice Ice Baby? Yes. "Personal Jesus"? Yes. Now you get the idea! Tell your friends, and let's spread some Christmas cheese!
Like most contemporary artists, Richard is on You can hear some of his songs and see his music video for "Gin and Juice."

Speaking of MySpace, some of my improv brothers have pages there and Einstein Simplified even has a MySpace group. It seems that most MySpace pages I've seen open with a cacophony of songs and video clips all playing at once. I know I just quoted from Perry Simon's "The Letter" last week but I need to share what he wrote about MySpace this week:
And don't even THINK of having a MySpace page if you're over 40 unless you insist on being what my friend Greg calls "Creepy Old Guy," the same as the grey-ponytailed 40-something guy in the mosh pit at any concert. Or someone whose name is bound to be included in a newspaper story that also includes the words "underage," "alleged" and "arrested."
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Blogger jess said...

"my friend greg" = mr greg behendehert...


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