Wednesday, April 12, 2006

his name is Inigo Montoya

At the start of the TV season, I posted a list of shows that I hoped to watch. There are some I have watched religiously like "The Office," some that I tried and gave up on like "Bones," some I was dead wrong about like "Reunion" and some that I never got around to like "Criminal Minds." So I felt a little guilty when I received the following email:
-----Original Message-----
From: Amy
To: Frank
Subject: Criminal Minds TV show in your blog

I was reading your blog and noticed you mentioned you liked Criminal Minds. I run a small fansite for the show, "" and was hoping I could get a link from your blog somewhere to my site. I would be incredibly grateful.

I'd love to hear back if you get the time.


Criminal Minds Staff
Ok, Amy there's your plug. To ease my guilt, I will make a point of watching some "Criminal Minds" reruns once "Lost" and "American Idol" finish their seasons in May. After yesterday's post about a flippin' commercial, how could I refuse?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Medium is still on the air? And what hapened to Law & Order SVU?? They are two of my favs and I can't ever seem to find them!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man, I read this blog entry twice trying to figure out what the title meant. Finally got it. Very clever, now "prepare to die."

Anonymous Lance said...

it says on Mandy Patinkin's imdb page that "of all the roles he's played in his career, Inigo his absolute favourite."


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