Monday, April 24, 2006

it only takes a moment

"There is an incredibly tight relationship between a man's job and his ego." That sentence kept me from punching the next button as I was flipping around the AM dial one day last week. I had stumbled across the James Dobson Family Minute, a short form radio show. I could relate to the message in the program and made a mental note to scan the AM dial over the next few days to hear more episodes. So far I haven't heard another one. I'm not even sure what station it was on.

The feature reminded me of other short programs I enjoyed over the years. When I was in grammar school, I would tune in to WFAS on snowy mornings. Between school closing announcements, Bob E. Lloyd would air a syndicated daily feature called Point of Law. On days school was not canceled, it seemed that all my classmates had also been listening to Point of Law.

When I lived in the D.C. area, I always tried to leave work in time to flip on WMAL and hear Paul Harvey tell us The Rest of the Story. I occasionally heard it on KABC once I moved to L.A. I've never heard it in Knoxville. It must be on at an inconvenient time.

When I was working early morning hours in L.A., I would try be out of the shower in time to hear a daily short form program on KNX called Something You Should Know. I thought it used to be broadcast at 4:25 a.m. but according to the KNX schedule, it's now on at 4:55 a.m. Still pretty early though.
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Anonymous Becki said...

Paul Harvey is on WIVK. The Rest of the Story is on normally between 7-8 I think.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

James Dobson is typically on LOVE 89. That sation has a TON of AWESOME small programs like that one.

Blogger bean said...

hey, frank, i went to the paul harvey website and see that his longer news block airs in knoxville on WNOX 990AM and WNOX 99.1 FM at 12:15 pm. if you miss that it is on at 12:30 on WIVK 107.7FM. hope that helps. good day.


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