Tuesday, April 11, 2006

tortoise shill

Somebody from an interactive marketing company found the reference to The Slowskys in my recent blog entry about tortoises and sent along the following email:
-----Original Message-----
From: Lauren
To: Frank
Subject: The Slowskys

Hey! I just found your blog and I think you may be of some help to me. I'm reaching out to you on behalf of Comcast and M80 regarding The Slowskys TV commercials. Since you are a fan of The Slowskys, I thought that you might enjoy and/or be interested in posting a video of the Slowskys. In addition to the original Slowskys commercial, we have a special outtakes video exclusively for those who are willing to help us out. Please let me know if you're interested!

Lauren, M80
Click on the picture to see the outtakes:

The more I listen to the commercials and the outtakes, the more I think I recognize Rachael Harris as the voice of Mrs. Slowsky. Anybody know who plays Mr. Slowsky? Hang on, let me Google that. Yep. That is Rachael Harris as Karolyn Slowsky. A comedian named Andrew Donnelly plays Bill Slowsky. And wouldn't you know that the campaign was developed by the same agency that came up with the ingenious "Aaron Burr" commercial which first gave us the phrase "got milk?" and made Sean Whalen semi-famous. Haven't seen it in a while? Click here.
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