Tuesday, May 09, 2006

combing greater Knoxville for a shallow grave

My friend Bean claims that my daily blogging inspired him to do the same. I've managed to post something here every day since last August 1. Bean began blogging on January 1 and quickly eclipsed me. He makes it seem effortless as he consistently comes up with three or four times more great material than I do each day. He wrote all about his trip to Tennessee back in March. Bean gets a ton of reader comments on every post and sometimes receives free stuff because of what he writes! For example, Coca-Cola sent him a case of its new Blak product. Authors and bands have emailed him after getting a mention in his blog.

Thanks to Bean's Blog, a local Knoxville personality has been exposed to a larger audience. Yesterday afternoon he posted a photo of Abby Ham and used it to lead into a mention of a hot French newscaster he favors. Imagine my surprise when I went to read Bean's daily thoughts and saw Abby.

In Monday's entry, Bean jokes that I must be ready to dump my wife (literally) for Abby. I have to think that his joke was inspired by the lyrics to the Louvin Brothers' song "Knoxville Girl," which he had sent me only the day before. That song also inspired a popular local t-shirt from Yee-Haw Industries. I guess Yee-Haw will now send free stuff to Bean.
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Blogger Kimmy said...

Frank, While your blog inspired Bean's blog, Bean's blog inspired my blog. Well, my radio friend Dave actual blogged first (www.daveswindow.blogspot.com) but just though you should know that you may not be aware of your role in the trickle down blog theory. May the blog be with you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank, my father in law is also a person that is very "into" news anchors. He says there is something about a smart woman that looks great that just does something for him. Your friend Bean may make fun of you but there are a lot of men who probably feel the same way. I also think that your blog is very interesting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank did you see this story about you?


Blogger bean said...

i would just like to say that it was actually dave's friend kimmy's blog that inspired me to start writing about frank's blog on my blog and that, oh, never mind.....

Anonymous Rich said...

I heard you bemoaning the lack of comments this morning, so I came over to leave a comment only to find all these famous and near famous people leaving comments.

So I'm not going to leave one now.

Anonymous Amy W said...

Well Frank, it appears that you've got quite a few comments now! See, people really do care :-)

As for your friend Bean getting all those freebies, you don't want free Coke do you? That's not on the LA Weightloss diet!

Anonymous Jere said...

Good point amy...also that coke product sounds like 'blek';
But we could use some free clothes - a couple of sizes smaller


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