Saturday, May 20, 2006

degrees of separation

The star of a reality show is getting married today. His name is Duane Chapman and his show is "Dog The Bounty Hunter." The guest list includes some people who have or have had their own reality shows. I hope that Hulk Hogan, Danny Bonaduce and Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne bring along their camera crews for the ultimate celebreality crossover episode. The tantalizing possibility of the same wedding turning up on multiple reality shows made me want to find that website that tracks crossover episodes in scripted series. I may spend the rest of the evening reading it.
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Anonymous Tara said...

I just read on AOL that one of Dog's daughters was killed the day before the ceremony, but he and Beth decided to go ahead with the wedding in honor of her.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

How tragic. Obviously I had no idea about the accident when I wrote the blog entry yesterday.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my bosses is responsible for creating and mainainting the TV Crossover web site. I'm sure he's enjoying the spike in traffic.

By the way, I landed here via Bean's Blog.

Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Jay Leno sent Ross The Intern down to Hawaii for a segment about the wedding that is to air either tomorrow night or Thursday.


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