Friday, June 23, 2006

anywhere, Beth, is fine

The power was out at our house for a while today following a heavy thunderstorm. As a result, tonight's post will be a brief follow-up to something from earlier in the week. The members of Einstein Simplified were invited to appear on Tuesday's "Live at Five." The video has been digitized and is now available online. There's a nice group photo taken outside WBIR and some action shots from that night's performance at Patrick Sullivan's available online too.

In the segment before ours, co-anchor Beth Haynes drove a smart car around the parking lot. When we came on, we played a game of Animatronics with Beth and Russell Biven. Their suggestion was that Paul Simmons and I pretend to be traffic cops. At the end of the game, Paul referenced the vehicle from the previous segment. I then joked that Beth was a bad driver. I'm concerned that she might have thought I was talking about the way she played the improv game rather than the smart car segment like I intended. Oh well, there are no do-overs in improv.
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Funny clip, thanx


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