Friday, June 02, 2006

cause you're wanted by the police...

Junior Brown was the headliner at last night's free Sundown in the City concert. The weather didn't cooperate and as a result the crowd was smaller than I expected. I took a picture with my camera phone from the roof of the World Grotto.

It's been several years since my family and I saw Junior Brown perform in Los Angeles. He was on the same bill as The Mavericks at a theatre in Hollywood. Junior got up early one morning to plug the concert and perform in-studio on the Mark & Brian show.

My family and I were getting rained on last night but we didn't want to leave without hearing "My Wife Thinks You're Dead" (listen to an audio clip here). When Junior made that the third song in his set, it looked like we could be home earlier than planned. We listened to a few more songs and then went downstairs to street level. As we walked across Market Square, the band started playing "Highway Patrol," our second favorite Junior Brown song, also from the "Guit With It" album.

As we got closer to the stage, we bumped into our friends Jacene and Clay. Jacene had a real camera with her and I asked if she would be willing to share a photo with the readers of my blog. In her photos, you can get a good look at both halves of the famous guit-steel in action:

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

It would have been nicer had the weather cooperated but at least you still got to see and hear him. That's such a cool song too! Keep the blog rolling you're doing a great job!


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