Monday, June 19, 2006

mourning news

A local car dealer died last week. My sympathy goes to his family and friends. They are certainly filled with grief, as are his many loyal employees. The American Flag at his dealership was flying at half-mast over the weekend.

On Flag Day, I mentioned the website for the National Flag Foundation. I went there to look up the criteria for displaying the flag at half mast and found that it takes an order by the president or a governor upon the death of various government officials. Car dealers aren't mentioned in the list but they are not expressly excluded either.
The Green Bay Packers ignored some similar concerns after the death of former UT Vol Reggie White.

Another website about the flag contains the following paragraph:
Unfortunately, many city, business and organization leaders are half-staffing the flag upon the death of an employee or member. Instead, it is suggested to half-staff (if on a separate pole) the city, business or organizational flag. The federal flag code does not prohibit this type of half-staffing.
Perhaps the employees of the auto dealership could wear black armbands, like in the olden days. Or they could fly a flag with the dealership logo at half-mast instead of Old Glory. Chances are they will continue to lower the American Flag. Right or wrong, I'm sure they mean well. Besides, who's going to stop them? The flag police?
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Interesting facts on the "half-masting" of the flag there Frank. I never knew any of that.


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