Tuesday, June 27, 2006

my oh my

Dick Stack, the founder of Dick's Sporting Goods must be proud of his name. He could have changed the name of the business to Richard's Sporting Goods but he didn't. I've mentioned before that there used to be a sign on Kingston Pike at Peters Road that listed three retailers in the following order: Joann Staples Dick's. The Dick's part of the sign was eventually removed.

I bought a couple of Grey Elephant brand shirts at Dick's recent clearance sale. When I was checking out, the clerk invited me to enroll in their ScoreCard Rewards program. I got a card for my wallet and a couple of those keytag things just like the supermarkets give you. There's a special website for members of the program. Rather than go to the regular DicksSportingGoods.com site, members are encouraged to visit MyDicksSportingGoods.com. Shouldn't someone have advised them to use a different word as a prefix?
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Hmmmmmmmmm..... I'm afraid to comment.

Blogger Polly said...

Because my daughter attended school near North Peters Rd. I frequently found myself in that area. Inevitability, she'd forget something (sportswise) and we'd have to run into 'Richard's' for it. Yes, I called it 'Richards'. And for two years I got away w/ it before before she called me on it. The rewards program... No way, you couldn't pay me to carry that keytag.


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