Saturday, June 03, 2006

roll over and play dead

When this website first went online in 2001, I learned about several other Frank Murphys in the world. I created a link from my bio page that showed some of them. When I get an email about a real estate deal, I forward it to the Frank Murphy in Santa Cruz. When I get an email about a factory order, I forward it to the Frank Murphy in Tulsa. So far, I have not received any emails intended for the NFL player or the late Supreme Court justice.

One NFL season, I videotaped as many Tampa Bay Buccaneers kickoff returns as I could. I wanted to have the play-by-play audio when that Frank Murphy ran back the first kickoff return for a touchdown in team history. He never did and as far as I know, neither has anyone else.

The ears of all the Frank Murphys pricked up last night during the show "Close to Home." The episode opened with the violent abduction of a character named, you guessed it, Frank Murphy. My wife noticed it first and called me into the family room to hear it. I went back upstairs to record any more namechecks on my laptop (listen to an example by clicking here). Although I missed the first few minutes of the episode, I still got five audio clips about the fictional Frank Murphy's disappearance and the search for his decomposing corpse. Given my interest in the Body Farm, it seemed somehow appropriate.
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

That's a great story idea....Have "Frank Murphy" be abducted and killed and his body is actually dumped by the killer at the body farm, people think nothing of it because of all the other decomposing bodies there so that the killer gets off scot free. Very interesting....


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