Thursday, June 08, 2006


The face of the victim looked familiar. My wife and I were watching the local news last week when we saw a photo of a missing woman. The woman's mother was putting up "missing" posters and said she was not optimistic about her daughter's return. There was blood in the young woman's apartment and her eyeglasses had been left behind.

A day or two later, the news was worse. Christina Eubanks' body had been found. Her face in the photos still looked familiar, although her hairstyle did not. By the time an arrest was made in the case, we realized that we did, in fact, know her.

Christina used to come to see Einstein Simplified perform. She was friends with some of the other audience regulars and went to a few parties thrown by Paul Simmons' wife. My wife went the parties too and remembered how Christina's hair was much shorter at the time and how she was very close to her late grandmother.

My thoughts and prayers go to Christina Eubanks' friends and family and to the friends and family members of other senseless crime victims like Tiffany Souers and Johnia Berry.
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Blogger Polly said...

It's heart-breaking that so many young women are victims of senseless violence. I sometimes dream of a time when my beautiful, intelligent daughter will go off to college but it scares me to death as well.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

God bless them and keep them...

Anonymous Erika Chastain said...

Christy was my cousin. Thank you for remembering her, as she was so senselessly murdered over a year ago now. I live a good distance from Knoxville and had not seen Christy in years. I do find solace in the fact that people really did care for her.


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