Monday, July 17, 2006

blue heavens

There was a strange woman on "The Price Is Right" today. She wore a wig and a pair of huge Dame Edna glasses. I wonder if she was in the witness protection program.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did she win anything,and was she a cross dresser like Dame Edna.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

The ever-amazing Internet has a recap of the episode, which is great since I didn't see the whole show. My daughter was watching it when I got home. She found the woman annoying. It appears that the woman (Rosemarie) did win the showcase. The episode originally aired on January 20. Oh, I forgot to mention the contestant named Jaare, which he pronounced "J.R."

Blogger Heather said...

So it was a woman. That's kind of scary. I don't think Dame edna wears those glasses unless he is working. DIdn't he get arrested not too long ago.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I wonder what she'll do with her prizes??


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