Thursday, July 06, 2006

does that make me crazy? possibly

Most of my radio career has consisted of behind-the-scenes jobs on morning shows. I was bitten hard by the on-air bug when I had a talk show on the short-lived Comedy World Radio Network. I've done a lot of different things in radio but I hadn't done many deejay shifts until lately. In addition to being on the morning show, I now get to play deejay on some weekends and holidays. I was feeling goofy and had a lot of fun talking up the intros on July 4th. Plus I got paid time and a half. Here's an mp3 of my three favorite intros from the midday shift on Tuesday:

On Tuesday evening, my family and I went to the Festival on the 4th at World's Fair Park. The concert by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and the fireworks that followed were broadcast live by WBIR-TV. (Hey, speaking of WBIR, they announced the replacement for Ted Hall today. It's John Becker from KGW in Portland.)

The Independence Day telecast was hosted by longtime anchorman Bill Williams and newcomer Abby Ham. Yesterday, I told you how I saw Abby and Bill from a distance. They spotted me taking their picture and gestured that I could come closer. What happened next? What did Abby say to me? Find out tomorrow.

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Frank, you're a nut.....but a likable one.

Anonymous Ed Munster said...

Frank, I was listening to you on July 4th as I was mowing some yards. I almost called you to comment on your "Shakira, Shakira" but I waited too long and your shift ended. You were funny and really did a GREAT job!


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