Saturday, July 29, 2006

greasy spoon tour

Between Food Network and Travel Channel, I can almost always find something worth watching. I especially like shows where they drive around looking for local taste treats. I am partial to the episodes about places I've been or will visit soon. It was on one of Rachael Ray's shows that I first heard of Fat Matt's Rib Shack. We ate there on a trip to Atlanta a few years ago. I loved it.

There are a lot of shows about road food. There's a fairly well known book called "Road Food" too. If I ever had a show on Food Network, I would want to do the same thing: travel and eat. It's the basic premise behind several shows including "$40 a Day," "Roker on the Road," "Taste of America" and a four-episode mini-series that debuted tonight, "Feasting on Asphalt."

Reading the interview with Alton Brown on convinced me to watch "Feasting on Asphalt" tonight. He mentioned in the interview that the show goes to North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. With that kind of itinerary, there's a good chance they passed somewhere close to Knoxville. A map on the show's web page seems to confirm my theory.

The episode that aired tonight (and repeats throughout the week) showed Alton and his crew in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. The tease for next Saturday's show promises a visit to the Smoky Mountains and to the site of Colonel Sanders' first restaurant in Kentucky.

About three years ago, my son and I went to London, Kentucky for the World Chicken Festival. We spotted ourselves in a crowd scene on the Food Network show "All American Festivals" that was filming there that day.

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I LOVE KFC!!!! I would love to travel and visit places to eat. Keep us posted!

Blogger jess said...

The place where alton starts the trip, jack's cosmic dogs in Mt. Pleasant, SC (basically charleston)? I've been there!
great show, by the way. but have you seen the travesty that is paula deen's closeted sons looking for food around america?


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