Monday, July 10, 2006

omitting names

People always want to tell me about other radio stations. Since I've been on LA Weight Loss, people want to tell me about Kathy Kersting. She does the LA Weight Loss commercials on a competing radio station. Kathy has lost over 100 pounds, which makes the 60 pounds my wife and I have each lost seem like nothing.

Last week's issue of a local newspaper featured a cover story titled "I See Fat People." The article was about the obesity epidemic and mentioned a phrase that amuses me: "the stroke belt."
Kathy and her husband Jay were interviewed for the article and were shown in before and after pictures. The following paragraph struck me as a little odd:
When Jay suggested they try a commercial weight loss system being touted on the air at his radio station, she agreed. The couple became a test case for the system, which is mostly predicated on controlling portion sizes and making smarter food choices, and their results have been monitored regularly in a series of radio advertisements.
Is there some journalistic high standard keeping the paper from mentioning which weight loss system the Kerstings used? Would they feel differently if LA Weight Loss was one of their advertisers? For the sake of balance, couldn't they find somebody who lost weight on Weight Watchers or the South Beach Diet?
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I hate when the comment section is down for maintenance :( Anyway...I think y'all are doing great :)

Anonymous Jay Kersting said...


Stumbled across your blog while doing some research for Kathy at her new job. I know this is year old post, but I agree. They couldn't mention the company? They couldn't balance the article out in some other way? Please.

Hope all is well in Knoxville.


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