Sunday, July 02, 2006

train of thought

My friend Bean and I had a phone conversation about our blogs on Wednesday. He suggested that I add a hit counter to see how many people visit my site and where they are coming from. My hosting service will provide all that information but they send it in the form of a huge Word document. Bean said he found a site that easily provided the information and that he would post the link to it in his blog entry on Saturday. In the posting, he lists the top terms used by people who find his blog through a search engine. Number one was "Abby Ham." I kid you not.

I wanted to start counting visitors on the first of the month
(I began my blog on the first day of the month last August) so I looked around for some sites on my own. I chose to go with one that I found on Frank Strovel's blog. It's called Blogflux MapStats. According to it, there's still a lot of people who find there way here after searching for the cheerleader in the T-Mobile commercial.

Speaking of Frank Strovel's blog, every Sunday he posts an entry called "Sunday Paper." In that spirit, here are two things of interest that I found in this morning's News Sentinel:
Speaking of July 2, a local church had a nice little fireworks show tonight. They hired Pyro Shows, the same group that does Boomsday and other huge shows. My family and I went to see it. I recorded a brief video on my camera phone and posted it on YouTube.
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Anonymous jess' little sister said...

People like you are responsible for the fame of young spastic cheerleaders. I work for T-Mobile and we're running only the cheerleader girl for our most current promotion since its so popular. Also, the commerical now gives her real name at the beginning for all you fanboys.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I think hiring Improv people to train staff at hotels is a great idea!


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