Thursday, August 03, 2006

follow through

Reader Becki accepted yesterday's challenge and created a funny Photoshop image of Lindsay Lohan and Fred Clark, an actor who played Harry Morton on the Burns & Allen show. Who else wants to try one?

Harvey Fierstein has replaced Chris Elliott in the live-action remake of "The Year Without A Santa Claus."

The photo I submitted to the Marshmallow Peeps website has turned up on their "Peeps on Vacation" page. After reading that marshmallow related post, my friend Wes sent a link to the Marshmallow Shooter press release and my friend Jessica sent a link to a great story about Circus Peanuts. I love those supersweet orange things and I need to find out what my LA Weight Loss serving size will be. Jessica also sent along an interesting article about the Shooter last month.

I finally opened the new packages of toothpaste and figured out why they had been shrinkwrapped in the first place. I scratched and sniffed the labels and scratched and sniffed again but smelled nothing. I even tried scratching with a nail file and still sniffed nothing. No wonder they're unloading them in twin packs.

The creator of took time from his busy day to send an email thanking me for posting a link to his site.

I haven't plugged it since June 1st, so here's a reminder that Einstein Simplified performs at The Comedy Zone on the first Saturday of the month. You should make plans to come see us this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. I think we're going to do my new favorite game, "Chain Murder Mystery."

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Anonymous Mary O said...

Hey Frank,

I went to the Peeps website and saw your picture there. Awesome! I checked out the other postings too. Why would anyone post something without a picture? Isn't that the point of "Peeps on Vacation"? Sheesh. Oh, and the "Peeps in Cabo" posting was completely lame. Anyone can throw some Peeps on a set and take a picture. I wanted to see Peeps on the beach in Cabo! Oh, and I can't believe there are people out there who love Peeps more than you Frank. How about that girl who had a Peeps birthday party with Peeps milkshakes? Oh dear.

Anonymous Becki said...

Ever nuked circus peanuts? Those things get HUGE!

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I just can't wrap my mouth around a circus peanut...... :(

Blogger Polly said...

Roasted Peeps:
Secure Peeps to a pole and hold them just above the flame.
Warning:Because they're so sugary, placing them in the fire is just too cruel. And it will burn the $#*& out of your fingers!


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