Sunday, August 06, 2006

good ideas at the time

On Monday, I promised that I would post some leftover photos that didn't make the cut during my first year of blogging. A lot of the photos were taken with my camera phone while at the supermarket.

There was something funny on the back of the Mr. Sprinkles label. I wanted to write about it but the photo of the clown's backside was too blurry to read. I can no longer remember what it said. My sweet tooth must have been jonesing the day I spotted the Jon Donaire Mudd Pie. Another time, I was struck by the excess of a "candy decorated fruit snack made with real fruit."

I wasn't daring enough to buy an Ugli Fruit. I did however enjoy eating a mutant strawberry. Now that I'm done losing weight, I can go back to the store and buy some Apple Butter BBQ Sauce.

They installed new gas pumps at Sam's Club in late January. I photographed them before they had stuck on any of the warning labels. It shows ads while you pump.

These next three are just random. My wife and I rode a limo from a hotel parking lot to The Comedy Zone for their big show in May. Before GMU Final Four Fever swept the nation, Bruce Pearl was the talk of the NCAA as the t-shirt below shows. I've written a lot about frogs but never found a way to work in this photo of frog legs.

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Those are some neat pics Frank, keep em coming!

Blogger Heather said...

I love ugly fruit. It's just a nice citrus

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the pictures and remember going to a resturant in Washington DC that served rare and unusual items. I think the name was Dominique's
The frogs legs were cooked with butter and qarlic. My daughters Alicia and Catherine said they tasted like chicken.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ugly fruit taste like a cross between a grapefruit and and orange... very little orange. But given a choice between a frog leg and a really ugly friut, go with the fruit.


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