Thursday, August 31, 2006

if a tree falls in the forest

The Tennessee Volunteers open their football season against the California Golden Bears on Saturday night. They will have a tough time filling all the seats in Neyland Stadium since they have chosen to schedule the game at the same time as the monthly Einstein Simplified show at The Comedy Zone.

In reality, it will be a challenge for us to pull an audience for the improv show. If you know anybody who isn't obsessed with Jim Bob Cooter's team (he is still on the team, right?) please send them our way on Saturday evening.

This weekend's show also conflicts with Paul Simmons' annual trip to the Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Fortunately improv is a team sport which means the five of us who are not going to the football game or the sci-fi convention will provide you with 90 minutes of entertainment.

I thought that the celebrity guests at Dragon*Con would only include actors from science fiction movies and television shows. However this year's convention promises appearances by Mickey Rooney, Don Most and Rip Taylor!
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Anonymous Lance said...

Right on Frank. Everyone has 6 more chances to see their town get trashed and pillaged.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

If I weren't busy Saturday night I'd come see ya, but alas, I am...


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