Friday, August 04, 2006

popozao and the space-time continuum

A younger Britney Spears appears in a home video that showed up on the Internet this week. She seems a little, shall we say "tired" as she talks about wanting to go to the movies to see the 1997 film "Spawn" or maybe its 1999 sequel. The cameraman tells her that the film is already on DVD and that there might even be a copy on her tour bus. She later calls the cameraman "Kevin" and asks him if the time travel in "Back to the Future" could really happen. Kevin denies the possibility of time travel but I have a theory about him. What if he was covering up the fact that he himself traveled back from the future to hook up with an almost unsuspecting Britney? Maybe he's like Biff, ready to take the cash and get the girl who got away in an alternate timeline.
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Blogger Heather said...

I listened to that. Its kind of sad. That guy sounds too intelligent to be K-Fed

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Your mind never stops does it Frank?


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