Friday, August 25, 2006

putting the CO in convenience

It's Friday night and you want to stop by the convenience store for some cold beer or soda and some chips. It may not be the "Coldest Beer in USA," but it's right on the way and the selection is good.

You don't get out of the car when you go to the new Pit Stop Drive-Thru convenience store on John Sevier Highway. And by drive-thru, I don't mean drive up to a little window. You literally drive right through the front door. Brien Owens told me that he based his new store on some places he knew in Ohio.

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Blogger Nyeboy9 said...

I've seen this place also and itlooks pretty cool. I saw these Pit Stop places all over Kitty Hawk, NC when I was on vacation. Everytime I go by this place it seems like it has very few customers, but the business should pick up soon.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

We need those EVERYWHERE! Thanks for sharing Frank.


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