Monday, August 21, 2006

strangers with camera

Our nation's capital offers a lot of stuff for tourists to do. I lived in the Washington suburbs for several years and didn't see it all. Last Tuesday my daughter and I spent the day sightseeing in DC. As we walked past the White House, we stopped to take photos of each other. A family of four was walking in the opposite direction. They offered to take a picture of us both and we returned the favor.

The same thing happened when we got to the National Academy of Sciences at 21st and Constitution. A father was taking pictures of his son climbing on the Albert Einstein statue, which is allowed and encouraged. Climbing is definitely not allowed at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden where we saw a foreign tourist being ejected for climbing on a Four-Sided Pyramid. Anyway, we took a picture of the father and son at the Einstein statue and gave them our camera so we could have a photo of the two of us at the statue:

Since I was going to miss that night's improv show, I thought it would be a good day to visit the Einstein statue. The photos below might look good on my bio page on the Einstein Simplified website. My daughter was having fun snapping pictures while I was still getting ready.

As it turns out, the show I missed was reviewed by Sara Schwabe on the website Knoxville 520. It reminded me of the time a few years ago when I freaked out a reviewer from by suggesting he see at least two of our shows before writing his review.
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Anonymous GoldDigger said...

I see you picked a winner there Franky.

Blogger Polly said...

Frank, Why pick Albert's nose when you could pick his brain?


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