Tuesday, August 22, 2006

what would Mel Gibson order?

The 12th annual Feast with the Beasts happened Saturday night at the Knoxville Zoo. My wife and I went to the event despite a light rain. Because of the weather, I didn't take as many pictures as last year. I did pose for an "after photo" with KC Beaver, the mascot for Kid's Cove. See if you can tell which photo is from this year and which one is from last year.

People who didn't bring cameras could still get a photo with the beaver. Volunteers from ORNL Federal Credit Union took digital photos and posted them on their website today. If you have nothing else to do, you can scroll through the pictures looking for blondes or unfortunate poses.

The annual event gives local restaurants the opportunity to serve food samples and win over new fans. Moe's Southwest Grill also distributed menus and $5 coupons to attract future business. Many of the menu items are named after pop culture names and phrases. I recognized most but not all of them. For example, I knew Ruprict (which I thought would be spelled Ruprecht) but not Billy Barou. Fortunately Wikipedia has cross-referenced all the terms on the menu for our convenience. The funniest names might be on the adult beverage menu. How about a nice Blabbermouth Soup or maybe a Village Idiot?
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Frank, you're looking like an Ethiopian...I liked your look better with a lil meat on ya.
Good job tho :)
Kewl menu!

Anonymous Mary O said...

I agree with Pam. You need to eat a fluffernutter, or ten.



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