Friday, October 27, 2006

best little candy in Texas?

The Mast General Store opened in downtown Knoxville several weeks ago. My son and I finally stopped by on a recent Saturday afternoon. I was amused by the balloon powered toy boats and toy cars and puzzled by the "Forest Faces."

They had 500 types of old-fashioned candy displayed in barrels, including ginger, clove, anise and
Horehound. I had never heard of Horehound candy before. You can make your own jokes.

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Blogger Jennifer Bohlken said...

We sold Horehound candy when I worked at PoFolks. I had the same reaction...

Anonymous Krisha said...

When James and I first got together I used to talk about Horehound candy, (having had it on every field trip to the Museum Of Appalacia).
He thought I was making it up.
When we finally did find some on a road trip with my 14 year old step-daughter, I bought a bunch and made them eat it..
Turns out...they both get car sick when they eat Horehound candy.
Who knew!

Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Even I (from the "big city") am familiar with Horehound candies! They were a staple in my grandmother's candy dish right alongside her favorite spearmint leaves.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I LOVE Horehound candy, I grew up eating it.

Blogger Teresa said...

I thought you knew everything Frank??? Horehound candy has been around for years.


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