Sunday, October 29, 2006

like in the chapel

A "Festifallooza" was going on outside the restaurant where we had lunch yesterday. We were in Northern Virginia celebrating some family birthdays. An a cappella group called dcVocals was just finishing up their performance while we waited for our table. I wish I had heard more of them because their version of "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" was quite good. dcVocals is the first co-ed a cappella group I've ever seen. My family and I have actually been to an a cappella festival at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre where we saw Rockapella, The Blenders, the Knudson Brothers and a bunch of others.

After lunch, we looked at some of the tables and booths at the festival. The petting zoo had a llama that looked just like David Spade's character in some Disney movie.

I spotted a table with freebies from WARW. They were one of the Arrow (All Rock & Roll Oldies) radio stations that eventually evolved into a classic rock format. I saw t-shirts, DVDs and some registration forms and wondered if a major market station used entry blanks to give away t-shirts due to high demand. The guy behind the table told me that he was just using a registration blank to write down some information for a listener. To win a prize on the table, one only had to know the name of any of the deejays on his radio station. This is the exact same question I use when giving away shirts at my remote broadcasts. I couldn't keep from blurting out the name of their morning show and I accidentally won a t-shirt. Later I was kicking myself for not mentioning Cerphe or Weasel instead.

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