Saturday, October 21, 2006

or just a game?

Taylor Dayne is one of the last people I thought would cross my mind at church this past Sunday. She had a small dog in her coat pocket when she visited WAVA on a publicity tour years ago but that's not why I thought of her. Although if anyone ever shows up at church with a dog in their pocket, I will immediately think of Taylor Dayne again.

The church choir launched into a peppy, uptempo number that sounded more like a pop song than a hymn. I looked at the fine print in our "Gather" hymnal and saw that the song "Come And Follow Me" was written by Tom Franzak and Gerard Chiusano. The hook reminded me of Taylor Dayne's "Tell It To My Heart."

I tried to find a clip of the church song on the Internet. The version I found was a lot slower and not as much fun. Plus the clip cuts off before the part of the song I'm trying to describe to you. I'll keep looking.

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