Wednesday, October 25, 2006

outside my window pane

Halloween is less than a week away but I'm not feeling it yet. To get in the right frame of mind, I need to hear a certain song by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. "Halloween Spooks" is an old song from the '50s that I didn't discover until the '80s when it turned up on a compilation disc called "Elvira's Haunted Hits." Don & Mike saw the camp value of the tune when I suggested they play it on WAVA. In the '90s, Kevin & Bean had a lot of fun with it on KROQ, permanently cementing it into my Halloween psyche. A blog called Cake & Polka Parade has a link to an mp3 of "Halloween Spooks." If you have a little more time, you might enjoy a podcast that also includes ten other Halloween novelties at a site called Why Fidelity. I tried playing the song on each of the Knoxville stations where I've worked but none of my co-hosts enjoyed the bit. Apparently the "so bad it's good" concept is not for everyone.

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Blogger bean said...

frank, this time of year we still play "halloween spooks" (or part of it) almost every day on our show. I always think of and i are the only people who really seem to like it.

Blogger Brian said...

As a 9 year listener to Don and Mike from Louisiana I'm happy to report, D&M still play the song every year throughout the month of October. It usually accompanies the actual Halloween Spooks (usually said to be the ghosts of recently dead celebrities, or celebrities that are so old that they'll die any minute).


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