Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The blogosphere loses one of its best today. My good friend Bean has retired his excellent daily musings after 304 consecutive posts. Every day he would write a tremendous volume of interesting stuff. For any of his readers who may have come here, know that I will keep an eye out for any interesting news about the Post Office, Pluto, 7-Eleven and the like. You're on your own for Mariners updates though.


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Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

As I’m sure you know Bean has plugged your blog on several of his posts. I’ve linked over and read on occasion, and I like. As I commented on Bean’s final post – “I’ll be stopping by (your blog) more often” . . . btw – I’ll gladly take an update on any of those topics.

Blogger Bradley said...

I replaced my bookmark for Bean's blog with your link. I'm new to your blog and hope it's half as interesting as Bean's. Because he recommends it, I'm sure you fill this blog with interesting things.

Blogger Kings Fan said...

I also look forward to following your blog and hope you do the same with mine.


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