Tuesday, October 10, 2006

separated at birth

Fr. Ragan Schriver was telling me that he thought "Saturday Night Live" has gotten funnier. I think he's right, especially when Kristen Wiig is onscreen as I wrote last year. He asked what I thought of the new "Weekend Update" anchor. I mentioned that Seth Meyers had also been promoted to head writer of the show. Fr. Ragan started to say "Do you think that he..." but I finished his sentence by saying "...looks exactly like you?"

At the Easter Vigil, Fr. Ragan accidentally spilled hot wax from the paschal candle on his head. I took pictures and wrote about it on the blog. For the sake of comparison, I took a picture of Seth Meyers on my TV. The shot is a freeze-frame from the opening credits of "Saturday Night Live." Do you think Fr. Ragan looks like Seth Meyers? Or does he look more like Will Forte? That reminds me. I miss "Clone High." Will Forte was the voice of Abe Lincoln on that funny show.

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Blogger Appliance Guy said...

Looks more like Seth than Will, Frank. You are right. Saturday Night Live HAS gotten funnier. However, I am really gonna miss Chris Parnell. He was the funniest guy on there after Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan left.
I have saved two episodes of SNL on my TIVO. The one with Justin Timberlake hosting and also the musical guest, and the one from last season with Cameron Diaz. Justin and Jimmy Fallon doing the "Barry Gibb Talk Show" had me falling off the couch I was laughing so hard. Chris Parnell and Timberlake doing the "Omletteville" sketch was another hilarious one.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

You're right about Chris Parnell. My wife and I have liked him since the time we saw him perform with the Groundlings in L.A. We still remember the very funny musical sketch he did about Ohio.

Blogger Appliance Guy said...

Check my blog and tell me what you think of my top ten sketches. It would be interesting to see what you would pick.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Livin it up, on the Barry Gibbs talk show! Talkin bout chest hair, talkin bout shiney gold medallions." Priceless!!


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