Tuesday, October 31, 2006

where the wild things vote

Senate races around the country are drawing a lot of attention this year. I watched the local news (anchored by Shannon Bream!) while in the DC suburbs over the weekend and saw plenty of the negative television ads slamming the candidates running in Virginia and Maryland.

Based on an unscientific glance at a few yard signs, I think it will be a close race in Virginia. In my mother-in-law's neighborhood, it looked like every Allen sign was matched by a Webb sign next door or across the street. I stopped to take a picture of one home because I'm not sure if they are trying to get people to vote for or against the candidates whose names they mixed in with their Halloween decorations.

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Anonymous marc,kim,and frank fan said...

Hi Frank!
I hope you dont follow in Bean's Footsteps and decide to stop what you have started, I am hooked! I read everyday! most of the time from work ( my bosses think I am really working hard) hahaha!
I love your blog!
If nobody says thanks to you for all the effort you put into it everyday I do! - THANKS!


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