Friday, November 17, 2006

dill or no dill

Betsy Pickle knows what her readers will like and she reviews films accordingly. Before the "Dreamgirls" screening the other night, Betsy told me that she really liked "Déjà Vu" but wasn't that impressed with another film that I'm very excited about. Based on Entertainment Weekly's review, I should love "For Your Consideration" even though Betsy didn't and most of her readers probably won't. I think the satire will ring true with me because I have participated in awards show hype on a couple of different levels. I'll save my stories about fancy shoes and radio guests until I've seen the new movie.

Betsy wrote an article in today's paper about "American Scary." You may recall that I've gotten to know the film's director, John E. Hudgens. He's the guy who made it look as if the Batmobile drove past us on local TV last week and as if we were working with a cardboard cutout or driving off in a computer generated car in weeks past.

My wife, our son and I still watch "Survivor" even though it takes some fancy TiVo maneuvering to record "The Office," "My Name is Earl" and "Smallville" at the same time. This season was a bit of a drag until last week's mutiny twist. I want Yul to win. He's one of my favorite Survivor players in a while. Betsy Pickle wrote a perfect analysis of the latest episode on her blog. If you're still watching the show, you should read what she wrote about the jury too. One of the players voted off this week is a make-up artist on "The View." Remember that time I wrote one of my favorite jokes ever about her?

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Blogger Nyeboy9 said...

I also watch Survivor, and I want Yul to win as well. I just want to see the hidden Immunity Idol used instead of it being wasted last season.

Anyway, changing the subject to blogs, I switched to Blogger Beta. I find it much easier to use because I don't have to type a long line of code every time I want to post a new link.

Anonymous alisa said...

i think the last episode was one of the most gratifying episodes of survivor i've seen since the series began (i'm talkin' since the naked Hatch days)


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