Friday, November 24, 2006

everyone loves a parade?

What did other bloggers write about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? I checked Google's Blog Search and Technorati to see who else is as interested in the parade as I am.

One of my favorite entertainment blogs disappointed me. TV Squad's reviewer doesn't like parades and therefore didn't watch it. At least the comments from readers are worthwhile. The writer for Gawker was upset that Katie Couric was missing from the broadcast.

The pithy reviews trashing overblown spectacles are the most fun to read. A blog called Hikaruland showed the right amount of pith with paragraphs like:
Cokehead announcer says "this dramatic view of New York is from the top of Rockefeller Center." What the television audience sees: low level clouds and a faint outline of a building. Absolutely stirring, I tell you.
Putting the parade on C-SPAN is suggested by Thought You'd Never Ask. It's not a bad idea. I watched the last Inaugural Parade on C-SPAN. Daggle watched streaming video of the parade on his computer in England. I clicked on the link and watched it for a while too. Except for the water on the camera lens it's probably a lot like what C-SPAN's coverage would have been.

Gothamist linked to articles about the parade in the New York newspapers. Through their links, I found a great picture of Snoopy on the New York Times site.

Average Life Spam points out that the telecast omits most of the stuff that kids enjoy about the parade. The CBS crew got panned by Nihilist In Golf Pants.

A TV anchor named Heather Kovar photographs her dogs in front of landmarks and parade balloons. Somebody posted a photo on The Stranger's site and suggested that and uninflated Scooby-Doo looks like something Heather's dogs might have left behind.

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Blogger bean said...

frank, i believe your blog is the most comprehensive word on the parade though. i hope we can still be friends when i tell you that i knew the parade was on tv and wasn't tempted to even watch it for a second. does that make me a bad american?

Blogger Heather Kovar said...

As much as Willamena enjoyed the parade, she liked Times Square on New Year's Eve better. All because the weather was nicer.
I enjoy your blog!


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