Tuesday, November 21, 2006

gone tubing

It's becoming more and more common to rush to the Internet after watching our favorite shows on TV. Last night's episode of "How I Met Your Mother" revealed a secret from Robin's past. She was a teenage pop star in Canada. Most of her music video was seen on TV but the MySpace page for Robin Sparkles has the uncut version. Similarly, last Thursday's episode of "The Office" showed part of Michael Scott's "Lazy Scranton" orientation video. The NBC website has a longer version. "The Office" site has so many deleted scenes that it's almost like getting DVD extras with every episode. I often come across links to cool videos during the course of my day but I can't watch them at work. I don't always remember to look them up again when I get home. My wife has the same problem. She asked if I had seen the Office/Sexyback mashup video that we had both heard about. I finally watched it and it was well worth the four minutes of my time. Can you recommend any other funny Internet videos to watch over the long holiday weekend?

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Anonymous Tara said...

I can absolutely recommend something fabulous for you to watch over the long weekend, Frank! It's an internet sitcom called The Burg, starring one of my favorite, but almost completely unknown actresses named Kelli Giddish, who's also on the daytime soap All My Children. The sitcom is about a group of 20-something's living in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. The episodes are about 10 minutes long and hilarious. I highly recommend the episode entitled "Bar" for your first viewing. Kelli is the blonde who plays Courtney. :-)


Also, check out the best Burg short ever!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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