Thursday, November 16, 2006

supermarket finds

Chocolate milk made a rare appearance as part of my midafternoon snack today. I'll probably have it more often now that I've bought a bottle of calorie free chocolate flavored syrup from Walden Farms. It doesn't taste exactly the same as good old Hershey's but it's been so long since I've had any of the real stuff that it didn't matter. The Walden Farms syrup did taste a lot better than lite Hershey's syrup. Today I was surprised to see the calorie free syrup floating in my milk, rather than sinking to the bottom like the regular stuff. Does that prove it's healthier? I'm looking forward to using it as a topping the next time I have some no sugar added fat free ice cream.

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Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Have you seen the Ben & Jerry's chocolate shake? I think there's a Cherry Garcia one too. I tried the chocolate shake and it is RICH. Almost too much chocolate. At $2.29 for a small bottle...forget it. I'll stick to their ice cream.

Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

I’ll have to give that chocolate syrup a try. I’m a chocoholic, but need to keep it under control. Thanks for the link to Walden’s web site. I’ll have to check out their other fat-free products.

Blogger Nyeboy9 said...

It must not be as thick as Hershey's to float like that. Hmmm...Interesting


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