Monday, November 27, 2006

world's biggest blank

Being on the air has been a lifelong aspiration of mine. One of my fourth grade classmates even left a comment on my blog that proves it. As much as I love radio, I do sometimes envy the cool job that Terry Morrow has. As a television critic, he gets to watch shows in advance and then tell the rest of us what's good and what's not. On Friday's Style show and in his newspaper column over the weekend, Terry recommended "The Real Match Game Story: Behind the Blank" on GSN or as I still like to call it, Game Show Network. (Speaking of Friday's Style show, they also had on a glitter expert who must be seen to be believed.)

The Los Angeles Times had a good article about the "Match Game" special too. Unfortunately for you, it was on GSN last night. Fortunately for you, it will be repeated Tuesday night at 9. It was so good that I didn't delete it from my TiVo yet so that my wife can watch it while I'm napping tomorrow. Like me, she'll be impressed to learn that when Richard Dawson demanded his own show, the producers took the Super Match portion of the game and turned it into "Family Feud."

Terry Morrow says that "Match Game" is one of his all-time favorite shows. I completely agree. I love the music, the celebrities, the clever questions and everything else about it. While watching some footage of old episodes on the special last night, I realized I even like the themesong from the 1960s version. I had never seen the original "Match Game" but I sometimes hear the theme on the Music of Your Life station in our building.

During the program there were two commercials for the "The Best of Match Game" DVD collection. I didn't buy it yet, but I did add it to my Amazon wish list before the hour-long show ended. A writer for TV Squad couldn't see the point in watching a DVD of a game show. That may be true for most sporting events and most game shows but "Match Game" wasn't about the game. It was about the party.


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Blogger Aaron Campbell said...

They will show the NBC Original The Match Game from time to time. It is a site I check on an almost daily basis.

Blogger bean said...

frank, match game was great. we play it as a contest on our radio show from time to time too and it is still fun. you guys should try it on your show too.


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