Sunday, December 10, 2006

away in a manger

Holiday inflatables continue to amuse me even though I would never put one on my property. Because I like the ones that look like recognizable cartoon characters, I assumed that all the inflatables would be secular in nature. I realized that I was wrong when I saw the Airblown Archway Nativity Scene sitting on the shelf at Kroger. Let me know if you've seen the puffed up Holy Family on a lawn in your neighborhood. If it's close enough, I might drive by to take a photo. That reminds me. Reader Keith says I need to see the "Griswold house" in his subdivision.

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Anonymous nyeboy9 said...

There is a house next to the new Lowe's off of John Sevier Hwy. It make the Griswold house look like child's play. I'll send you a picture next time I go by. Their bill must be over $2,000 there are that many lights.

Anyway, my house is the only one with icicle lights up. Everyone else is starting to get into the Christmas spirit, but they won't put any inflatables or lights up.


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