Saturday, December 09, 2006

holy digital technology Batman!

Endorsement commercials give an advertiser some extra bang for the buck. Listeners are more likely to respond to testimonials voiced by the radio personalities they know and trust. I will only endorse products or services that I use and believe in. Since moving to Knoxville, I have had the good fortune to do testimonials for the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center, Hosenfeld Chiropractic and LA Weight Loss. As a result, I lost my glasses, my back pain and 60 unwanted pounds.

This week I picked up a new client that suits me very well. Strickwood Communications sells and installs audio and video systems. The team from Strickwood has been to my house and transformed the living room, which we never used, into my favorite room in the house.

Strickwood started as a company that puts wires and cables in homes and businesses. As a result, their installations are top-notch. They mounted an NEC plasma screen on the wall and cut holes to install five Infinity speakers. All the wires and cables are inside the walls.

The satellite company is supposed to come on Monday to upgrade my dish and install an HDTV receiver. I'm also getting an over-the-air antenna to receive the digital local channels. Unfortunately the satellite company doesn't have any DVRs available right now. I'll have to wait until I can get one of theirs or until TiVo lowers the price of their Series 3 box.

The guys from Strickwood hooked up an Onkyo DVD changer, which I tried right away. What better way is there to test the limits of a 42 inch plasma screen than with a 1962 made for television cartoon? Yes, I popped in "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol" for a little while. Before long, I wanted to really hear what the surround sound system could do, so I played my Brian Setzer Orchestra "Christmas Extravaganza" DVD. It sounded so good that it almost made up for missing their Nashville concert on Thursday.

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Blogger Nyeboy9 said...

Whoa, it's all so shiny and new! Your so ucky, it almost makes me want to get into radio.

Well, I do have something that you don't have Frank. Tivo with dual tuners! Ha Ha!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my favorite is the picture where the Virgin Mary is watching the techies cut holes in the wall.

In hope their doing it with as much precision as would the carpenters in her Family!


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