Saturday, December 16, 2006

one to watch

Ten years from now, young Logan Murrell could be as famous as LeAnn Rimes. Logan is performing this weekend with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra at the Clayton Holiday Concert. She sang a very good countrified version of "O Holy Night" and an excellent rendition of "I'll Be Home for Christmas." It would have been great to hear her sing even more.

Reviewer Harold Duckett summed it up in a sentence:
If there was a star of the evening besides Santa Claus, it had to have been 10-year-old Logan Murrell, who has a 20-year-old's voice and the presence of a veteran performer.
On Wednesday I mentioned that "America's Got Talent" winner Bianca Ryan had a style similar to Logan. Let me modify that. Logan is way better than Bianca. Logan can sing the right note and hold it while Bianca jumps around the scale trying to impress. Somebody needs to notify Simon Cowell.

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Blogger Nyeboy9 said...

Someone needs to notify Simon Cowell that when I watch a talent show like America's Got Talent, I don't want to see American Idol for Kids instead. Don't put the 8 year old kids that think they can sing in with amazing acts like Quick Change and many others. Bianca shouldn't have won that show.

BTW, I heard the girl from the KSO as well. I thought she would be the next LeeAnn Rimes as well. Just remeber, voices change as people get older, and that can ruin a child star's (especially a singer's) career. I sure hope that doesn't happen to Logan.

Oh, the Survivor Finale and Reunion is on tonight. GO YUL!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

christina aguliera's voice didn't change that much. it got better, in fact. too bad she also got skankier.


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