Saturday, December 30, 2006

pillars of society

The Redskins finished their season tonight. Even though it has been a very disappointing year, I was still looking forward to watching the game in hi-def on the new TV when I got home from work. It hadn't started raining here yet but my satellite-delivered HD picture was breaking up. I switched over to the channel with the standard def version of NFL Network. The signal was uninterrupted but I didn't like the way the picture was stretched to fill the screen. That cloud had a silver lining though. It motivated me to scroll through the satellite settings menu and change the "stretch" option to "pillars" which is sort of like watching a show in letterbox except that the black bars are on the sides rather than the top and bottom. By halftime the HD signal had cleared up enough for me to watch the rest of the Redskins game in hi-def. It seemed like every time a team prepared to punt, Bryant Gumbel said they were turning the ball over on downs. Does he know something the rest of us don't?

According to an article in USA Today last week, one in four HDTV owners is still watching regular programming and doesn't know it. My wife and I may have seen an example of that at a Christmas party this past week where the hosts had a Bowl game showing on their widescreen TV. The graphic along the bottom of the screen said we were watching ESPN-HD but the picture was stretched and distorted.

While looking for links to pepper throughout this blog entry, I found a site called Engadget HD. I am already hooked. They have 34 great reasons to make the switch to HD. Obviously I agree with their way of thinking.

My friend Pam called earlier today. We had a nice chat about our families and our careers. She has recently co-founded an advertising and marketing agency. I told her a little about my plasma screen and about the testimonial spots I do for Strickwood Communications. Rather than clog her email box over the holiday weekend, I'll post the audio of one of my spots for Pam to hear. You can listen too if you want.

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