Friday, December 22, 2006

unanimous decision

Paul McCartney is having a rough year. His lame song "Wonderful Christmastime" has been chosen as the worst Christmas song of all time by retroCRUSH and as the most annoying Christmas song of all time by Giant Magazine. Longtime readers of this blog know that I'm on this bandwagon. Earlier this month I quoted from a Daily Beacon editorial that called "Wonderful Christmastime" the "most mediocre excuse for a pop song ever." A St. Petersburg Times writer is especially passionate about his disdain. Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson hates it too. Over a year ago I made a vague reference to my dislike for the song. Now I wish I had been more blunt. Meanwhile, Father Guido Sarducci is trying to deliberately write the worst Christmas song ever.

Giant Magazine is balancing their list of the most annoying songs with a list of the most underrated Christmas songs. The Chicago Sun-Times asked its readers to vote for the best Christmas song.

I've been soaking up some Christmas music in high definition. I think my new favorite channel might be PBS Digital. I like that I get it over the free airwaves (on channel 15-1). Tonight I watched two Christmas concerts, one from Concordia College and one from the Mormon Tabernacle. This evening they showed the 2003 concert with guest soloist Frederica von Stade. A couple of nights ago I saw the 2005 concert with guest soloist Renee Fleming.

My satellite provider doesn't offer the particular HD channel which will show a hi-def yule log with a Christmas music soundtrack on the 25th. Even though it's not in HD, I may still want to watch a little bit of the old school yule log on WGN. It's the same one that used to befuddle me as a child growing up in New York. We lived in a house that had its own fireplace, so we didn't need to watch the famous televised Yule Log. I am happy that he won on "Survivor" though.

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Blogger Diane said...

While Paul McCartney has some great songs to his credit, he has alot of 'splaining to do about many, many others . . . Silly Love Songs might just be the worst pop song ever written


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