Wednesday, January 03, 2007

cost per ounce

The exercise equipment and diet pills were on display near the entrance of Sam's Club today. They must know that many people are thinking about weight loss at the beginning of the new year. I go to Sam's often to buy salad and broccoli but I can never find any fat-free salad dressing. If they had some, I would buy a lot of it, especially if it came in economy size packages. Even at the regular supermarket it's tough to find any bargains on fat-free products. Our local stores stock only puny 8 ounce glass bottles of two brands of fat-free dressings. If they're on sale, we might buy a little bottle of Maple Grove Farms dressing or a little bottle of Ken's Steak House dressing. Fortunately some (but not all) of the Food City stores near us also carry slightly larger, 16 ounce bottles of Henri's Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing. If you have trouble finding it, you might have gotten there just after we did. We usually find only a few bottles on the shelf, so we buy them all.

We have a similar problem with reduced-fat peanut butter spread. I have to say "spread" because it's not 100% peanut butter. We can only find Reduced Fat Jif Crunchy in miniature 18 ounce jars. Their creamy variety can sometimes be found in 40 ounce jars. I tried a small jar of reduced fat Peter Pan crunchy and liked the slightly sweeter taste, so my wife bought me a medium sized 28 ounce jar of creamy to try. It seems unfair that the more economical packages of food are usually the least healthful.

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

That's why most poor people are overweight :/


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