Sunday, January 14, 2007

a few minutes with

Didja ever notice that it's impossible to get the last bit of deodorant out of the dispenser? I paid for that gel and I want to smear it under my arms, not throw it away.

And what's the deal with hamburger buns in a package that clearly says "hot dog buns" right on it? Is there somebody at the bun factory who can't read?

88 years is a long time, by the way.

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Anonymous marc,kim,and frank fan said...

Only you Frank!! Maybe you could bust the tube open to get the last little bit of deodorant ....I am just kidding!
Thanks! you made me laugh!!
have a good day!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you want to smear it under your arms, eh? ;p thanks for the visual there, doll! ha! (this is your ex stalker amy, btw)

Anonymous Amy W said...

That drives me crazy when the factory puts hotdog buns in a hamburger bun bag or vice versa.. I think they do it just to get on my nerves!


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