Tuesday, January 30, 2007

fun time, good cause

Byron Chesney of the Knoxville Trivia Blog might be a little jealous of the way I spent my afternoon on Sunday. While at the Children's Hospital telethon, I visited with some of his favorite local news people. Most of my time backstage was spent chatting with the dynamic duo of Russell Biven and Beth Haynes. We talked about the new Body Farm novel, our individual eating habits and my improv group's upcoming visit to "Live at Five." The conversation turned serious when we discussed the recent passing of Russell's father. There's no doubt about it. Russell and Beth are good people. In fact, they're better than good, they are excellent people.

Before leaving the telethon, I took the opportunity to introduce myself to Julya Johnson and Yvette Martinez, whom I think Byron especially enjoys watching. He had recently posted photo albums of several WBIR ladies, but now I can't find the albums online. Hey Byron, post a comment with the links!

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Blogger bc said...

Frank you lucky dog you! I can't think of a better way to spend the day than hanging with some lovely news ladies! But I would probably be like I was when I met Beth Haynes, too nervous to even speak!

I still have the photo album links but was worried about copyrights. No one at WBIR will ever respond to any of my e-mails so I'm dead in the water.

Yvette Marinez is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Put her and Beth Haynes together and I'd watch the news 24 hours a day!

Anonymous Taylor C. said...

Thank you Frank (and Kim) for coming to the telethon his year. As always, it was a wonderful. I look forward to your improv group's appearance on Live at Five, and I'll see you at Radiothon!


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